Double Envelope has standardized its quality control and process improvement programs throughout the Company’s operations. From order entry to delivery, the integration of quality control procedures in each aspect of the production process has resulted in quality performance that is 40% higher than the industry average. Company-wide quality training is performed on a monthly basis during department meetings in an effort to improve quality and process improvement awareness.

Process Improvement Teams, comprising management and hourly employees, identify the "root cause" of a problem and ensure the problem can be properly solved. The first step in this process is ensuring that all employees understand the Company’s definition of quality – “to meet or exceed the customer's expectations as defined by PO's, original order specifications, and the original sample."

Double Envelope measures its success in exceeding customer expectations through the consistent measurement of key parameters throughout the manufacturing process.

Key parameters include:

  • Quality (credits issued in past month)
  • On-Time Delivery (% on-time each day)
  • Waste (%)
  • Machine Speeds
  • Set-Up Times

Each parameter has a corresponding standard that must be achieved. These standards are tracked through the use of weekly “quality logs”, which detail the underlying sources of an issue, the solutions proposed to resolve the issue, and the Process Improvement Teams’ progress in eliminating the issue. The data is then communicated to all employees during Double Envelope’s regularly scheduled department meetings, which promotes the recognition and communication of operational efficiencies throughout the Company.

Management firmly believes that its investment in employee training, process improvement analysis, and technological enhancement collectively foster a continuously improving work environment.